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Automatic Lecture Recording
The Cameraman module

is set up as a control loop which is the basic, technical part of a camerman's job. In the next figure you see this control loop as a flowchart:

In addition, a cameraman has to fulfil the aesthetic part of the job, e.g., do the correct framing, show a detail or an overview, etc.
In order to fit in the arrangement of the director, there is lots of communication using the intercom between the both.

We decided to implement these features for our virtual cameraman. By using image processing the cameraman module is able to check its framing and adjust it. Furthermore, through image processing the cameraman module gives feedback about metadata concerning the camera's status as well as metadata concerning its images. For example, the percentage of motion in an image may be reported as well as the fact that the camera is still in adjustment phase or is still zooming, focusing, or changing its exposure.

Therefore, the communication between cameraman and director is bidirectional; the cameraman receives orders from the director and reports back information. The director is now able to evaluate the various information which he has received and decide what to do next.
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